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Summer holiday at Bjartey!

Update: Due to illness my holiday is prolonged. Please stay tuned. During the past six months I have published two characters and two related non-fictional articles each month. While this has proven to be a doable amount of work, now I’m heading for a six-week break from my fantasy viking characters and their island! News …

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions will be answered in this article, and below them you will find more topics I have written separate articles on. What is Bjartey? What do you mean by “fictional vikings”? What do you mean by “vikings”? What are these characters based on? So, are there dragons? What about orcs, hobbits and fairies? …

A fantasy viking woman has found a waterfall in the mountains
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Indexing Landnámabók

As I have written on several occasions, I spend some of my free time reading and indexing Landnámabók (the Book of Settlement). It’s a fascinating read, at least for people who have a compulsion towards collecting names and/or indulging themselves in anecdotes of the Viking Age — so, me, in essence. My names index is …

Weird Stuff

Funky Hats

Artbreeder has a tendency to go overboard when I try to make people wear hats. Sometimes they get horns. When I succeeded in removing his horns, he lost his cool beard, too. Sigh. Still a good expression though. Some hats look like something from the catwalks of Paris or Copenhagen. (And he wasn’t even supposed …

A young pregnant fantasy viking woman with long hair
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How to name your Old Norse character

Take into account the period your character lives in Naming practices have changed over the ages. For example, most Scandinavian countries have introduced surnames at some point, but Viking Age people only used what they called “kenningarnafn”, which is a patronym, matronym, sometimes a byname, and/or, very rarely, a place name to denominate one specific …

Weird Stuff

Look Ma, no hands

Making a teenage boy who reluctantly helps with haymaking — that was the plan. First off, the Artbreeder AI doesn’t have a clue about tools. Tools are just some sticks floating around each other and sticking out at weird angles. Once you add the keyword “hay”, the sticks get beards and start looking like brooms …

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On making diverse Old Norse characters

When I had made my first batch of 25 Fantasy Old Norse/Viking NPCs (non-player characters), I was terribly proud and excitedly showed them to my role playing and gamer friends. I got generally positive feedback, but two important points of criticism: There are too few Christian characters The characters aren’t ethnically diverse I thought about …