Believes in ghosts and manifestations of the dead and the far-away. Keeps seeing faces in hillsides and inanimate objects, and fears they are after him to punish him for having taken most of the tools and possessions of his parent’s home with him when he left for Bjartey. (SECRET)

Tortured and unhappy, he has installed ghost trapping devices so they cannot reach him when he sleeps, but his sleep is troubled anyway. People who have been to his farm have noticed these, but nobody has dared to ask about them. His only permanent farmhand, an elderly man who came with him from [Norway], just seems to ignore them, too.

Sometimes wonders how his brother is doing on their old farmstead, and wishes for someone to come and bring him some news about him but at the same time is afraid it will be bad news.

Highly skilled woodworker, has made and sold several objects to neighbours and traders. Prefers woordworking over farming and mostly lets servants take care of the animals and food production.


  • working with wood
  • whittling, making beautiful carvings into doorposts and boards lining bedsteads


  • talking about his ghost sightings after he got the feeling people wanted to side with those who haunt him
  • food cured in brine, very salty food: it gives him stomach ache, so he and his servant mostly only eat mild soup, dried fish, skyr, and bread with lard
  • being outside at dusk or in fog because he feels more vulnerable then

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