Is very well connected to the local people of influence, both through family ties and business arrangements of her kinsfolk. Her family controls an extensive merchant network with both naval and stationary operations.

Rational, intelligent, and very good with numbers. Plays an important part in the family business, focused on planning and pricing. Although she enjoys visiting other places, she doesn’t like travelling by ship very much. Also she noticed quickly that suppliers and business partners tended to simply ignore her when she was accompanying her father or brother on business trips so she left the haggling to them and now makes the strategical decisions in the background, to the delight of her father, who always found her brother to be too impulsive to make solid plans.

Is not in a rush to get married both because she fears most suitors are only interested in her potential inheritance and because she isn’t particularly interested in men anyway.


  • the calm and chill of the chapel where she often sits with eyes closed. People often assume that she silently prays, but most of the time she just thinks about the decisions that lie ahead. She doesn’t believe in fate, but she is convinced that some sort of divine power guides her in her considerations.
  • silk, brocade and other luxury textiles, colourful finely-woven clothes
  • honey-sweetened herbal teas, buttery soft cake with dried fruits in it, and game, especially in a wine sauce
  • scenting the house with flowers, herbs, powders and oils
  • dancing


  • boisterous men, drunk people
  • the smells of sweat and decaying teeth
  • boiled, fried or poached eggs and food with high egg content
  • insects (and has an irrational fear of being stung to death by them)

Questions and Answers

Does her surname mean that she’s a noblewoman?

No, it’s just a way of naming people by their (or their families’) origins or most recent place of settlement (as in the answer to the question “Where do they come from?”) Note: Her name has not been verified as being appropriate for the period and is subject to change accordingly. About the use of country names