A fantasy viking woman looks intensely at the viewer, sunset in background

First and foremost, they are my art and literature project. They are my way of telling a very, very short story in non-fiction style (the style I’m most comfortable with) aided by a strong visual cue (which I use as a writing prompt). I’m having fun coming up with the biographies of fantasy inhabitants of my fantasy island. And should my attention span allow for it, I might even make them characters in a short story or a small computer game. But usually, focussing on a 300 word ultra short bio of one character at at time is hard enough! So you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high.

As a bonus, they can be used as characters in your creative endeavours. You can make them non-player characters in your role-playing campaign (e.g. in something like 👉 Fury of the Northmen?). I don’t include their stats or equipment because it doesn’t fit in my literary concept, and because I want my vikings to be usable in any system, should someone choose to use them in an RPG.

I have, however, plans for them to be released, in print, as ready-to-go non-player characters, complete with useful tags for easily allocating the right NPC to the task of non-player-charactering, so to speak. This venture is in the very early stage of blue sky thinking. ⛱

If you want to use them as characters in your computer game, board game, or card game, please remember that they are under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0 license.

You cannot just republish their photos and descriptions. You must make a creative effort, and the use must be non-commercial. See the Copyright Notice.