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On making diverse Old Norse characters

When I had made my first batch of 25 Fantasy Old Norse/Viking NPCs (non-player characters), I was terribly proud and excitedly showed them to my role playing and gamer friends. I got generally positive feedback, but two important points of criticism: There are too few Christian characters The characters aren’t ethnically diverse I thought about …

Viking Characters

Yolant from Dinan

Is very well connected to the local people of influence, both through family ties and business arrangements of her kinsfolk. Her family controls an extensive merchant network with both naval and stationary operations. Rational, intelligent, and very good with numbers. Plays an important part in the family business, focused on planning and pricing. Although she …

Viking Characters

Þórhalla, daughter of Kjartan

Decisive and opinionated, gets into discussions and arguments frequently. Makes harsh and hurtful remarks about other people. Hardworking, but still thinks it’s never enough. Had twins when she was quite young, but has had several miscarriages since. Is very protective of her children even as they grow up and has trouble letting them go. It’s …