Came to Bjartey with this whole family: his parents, wife and young children, in the hope to be able to better support themselves on a bigger plot than what they had. They have a lot of land now with grassland, low woods at the foot of a mountain, access to the shore, and a small stream with trout in it.

Built the farmhouse and the smaller buildings more or less by himself during their first summer here. He gathered the materials, collected stones and cut turf from dawn till midnight while the others made hay and gathered provisions for the winter.

Gets depressed in winter and can hardly bring himself to get up. His family lacks understanding of his depression, his parents especially accuse him of being lazy, which he isn’t (and he frequently shows so when he gets better, overexerting himself both to compensate for his outage, and because he’s glad to have power again).

Is very strong and wins most armwrestling competitions.

Excellent swimmer.


  • all sorts of light: sunlight, stars, northern lights, fire, candles, midnight sun
  • the winter solstice, because it gives him hope that he will get better sometime
  • feats of strength, armwrestling
  • seeing his children grow up and and supporting them to improve their skills
  • ice fishing: he used to love it and was very good at it but can’t get himself to do it anymore due to his depression, and only realizes when the summer has come that he hasn’t gone ice fishing for so long, and that makes him very sad


  • darkness, the colour black
  • snowless, cloudy winter days because they’re even gloomier
  • people singing, dancing and having fun when he is depressed
  • when the children don’t make an effort to achieve something difficult