Adventurous, impulsive and impatient except with Ómarr.

Discovered Ómarr as a boy in a village on the Silver Sea [Mediterranean] coast that had been raided just before he landed there. Even though they didn’t understand a word of what the other was saying, Sólmundr took an instant liking to the boy’s open and affectionate personality, and decided to bring him home on his ship despite the objection of the crew. He gave up raiding as a consequence and does shorter trading trips now, always bringing Ómarr.

Loves men, but hasn’t told anyone his whole life. 🤫 (secret)


  • filling the role of a father for Ómarr, something he didn’t know he wished for before he got it
  • the open sea, navigating
  • maintaining his ship, some would even say he fusses about it
  • bartering and haggling
  • teaching Ómarr all he needs to know about the sea, the boats, and the wind
  • the companionship on a longship and in a raiding party
  • telling stories about the places he visited


  • when Ómarr is called names; has been known to hit a person who does so regardless of their age, gender or status
  • planning a trip, packing the right things, doing all kinds of preparation instead of just going sailing
  • having to be somewhere on time
  • complicated contracts, prefers something along “We’re in this together and split everything in equal parts”


Related: About the use of country names. I am thinking of naming the Mediterranean the Silver Sea.

Ómarr is a character that is going to be published soo 🙂