Skilled archer because he has been training since he was a small boy, but has started to develop aching swellings and stiffness in the joints, causing shooting and arrow-making to be painful. His mother makes ointments from herbs and fat for him, and while he thinks they help, he sometimes gets drunk and tearful and laments about his loss of precision.

A gentle and cordial man, he is kind to children, guests, the elderly and most animals, but intolerant against any beasts of prey that could harm his birds. Has been known to shoot a dog straying on his property and frequently gets into discussions with his neighbours because of this.

Dreams of taming a young gyrfalcon and training it for hunting, but the only nest he knows of is situated in an inaccessible cliff, so at the moment he has to accept that sitting close by, watching them being brooded and hoping to catch one of them when they take flight is his only option.


  • All kinds of birds: songbirds and chickens, ducks and geese, but especially birds of prey like eagles and falcons
  • Watching the clouds in the wind, dreaming of flying with the birds
  • His flock of tame black and white ducks, and much to the annoyance of the rest of his family he sometimes lets them into the vegetable garden to give them a treat
  • Having guests in his house to share stories or songs or play games with


  • Cats, foxes, untrained or straying dogs
  • Putting greed over need, e.g. grouse hunters and egg takers who kill and take as much as they can
  • People who don’t respect his boundaries, both regarding his property and psychologically
  • Having gained so much weight in the past years