Hard to bargain against, but a fair judge when called to appease conflicts, which he frequently is. Loyal and diplomatic, he is also a good representative at court, and a fair-minded leader, taking good care of his follower’s affairs.

Has been having second thoughts about his past as a viking raider and slave trader, but hasn’t shared his concerns with anyone yet. 🤫 (secret)

Once had a tame puffin which followed him everywhere.

Misses his foster-brother and his funny jokes.


  • being clean, having his hair and beard well combed
  • sitting in hot springs, swimming, alleviating his joint pain, absorbed in thoughts, away from the noise of his home
  • seeing the lambs run around in spring
  • the sea breeze, bringing memories of sailing
  • taking care of his foster-brother’s children, although their mother can be demanding and a good many times gets into a fight with his wife over their upbringing. He loves the children like his own and tolerates the woman


  • not being able to climb in the cliffs for egg-taking anymore
  • people seeking his advice when they could have settled things themselves
  • having to eat so much soup because of his bad teeth

You can see some of my failed attempts at making Kolgrímr’s portrait picture posted in the Weird Stuff category.