I use NW, NE, SW and SE in the tags to denote where a character lives or can be found. N stands for north, S for south, W for west and E for east.

The four quadrants NW, NE, SW and SE aren’t parts of Bjartey, but of the whole continent and even further away:

Quadrant Roughly equates to:
NW (northwest) Bjartey, Greenland, Scotland, England, Ireland
NE (northeast) Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finnland
SW (southwest) Normandy, the Iberian peninsula, western part of the Mediterranean including North Africa
SE (southeast) the Baltic countries, R煤s, eastern part of the Mediterranean including North Africa

Someday I will come up with my own country names, analog to Bjartey, but at the moment I seem to have writer’s block with regards to this topic. Up until I resolve the issue, I put country names that will be replaced in square brackets [like so].

Later I will update the character’s descriptions and tags with the new countries. If you have suggestions, post them in the comments!

Oh and by the way, the first character not living on Bjartey will be published next week 馃檪 I have a lot of diverse characters up my sleeve, but I have to get their names verified first – that’s actually the hardest part of making them!