Has been profoundly unhappy since her mother left and her father’s new partner moved in. While she doesn’t miss the frequent fighting and screaming of her parents she feels her father has completely forgotten about his children, only caring about the new woman.

Lost her appetite, has trouble falling asleep, and when her sleep is disturbed by nightmares her little sister who sleeps next to her also wakes up and starts crying. That makes her feel even more miserable.

Has considered running away and go looking for her mother but doesn’t want to leave her siblings. Also, her mother was very quick-tempered and left the kids with their father, so there’s no way knowing how she would react when Jófríðr comes and wants to live with her.


  • dressing, combing and sprucing up her sister
  • being close to her siblings, doing things together
  • being clean, watching over the hygiene of her siblings, making sure they have clean teeth and nails
  • carefully mending clothes in a way that makes them look more stylish, not more tattered


  • the new woman
  • her father for giving most of the chores she liked to the new woman, and leaving her with what she doesn’t like and/or isn’t good at
  • gutting fish, washing fleeces, scrubbing pots, taking out the ashes, dirty work