“A naked man sitting in a hot spring in the midnight sun” was the main prompt for this picture. But something went terribly wrong and the AI decided that hot springs were the same as cold springs. Ice cold springs. In fact, ice, without any spring. So that’s why he’s in the middle of a pool filled with mini icebergs. And what was supposed to be a beautiful red sunset became this landscape from Mars.

What I had wanted was more like this:

… only without the darkened sky a la Mordor. And they’re both not sitting, but when dealing with AI generated images, that’s a very minor fault.

If you want to have a go and try fixing the image, or just like the idea of an ice pool on Mars, here’s the 馃憠 link to the Artbreeder image free for you to remix. Post the link to your picture in the comments!

In the end I got a nice hot spring bather, which you can see here.