I wanted to make a man fishing in the midnight sun, proudly holding up his beautiful catch with one hand. I got all kinds of gross fantasy fish monsters, and because people need to hold a fish with their hand, too many fingers as usual. I also got a grumpy guy, obviously discontent with the small fish he got.

I find it fascinating that AI “knows” a concept like a sunset or backlight or a beard, but not how many fingers a human normally has.

Grumpy viking fisherman holding up a fish in the midnight sun
Grumpy viking fisherman brandishing a fish in the midnight sun

If you want, you can 👉 give the image a try on Artbreeder. Maybe you can make the fish non-hairy, or the guy happy, or the finger count right (for most people – I’m not adverse to depicting vikings with chopped off fingers, because I guess it was a more common condition). Post your picture in the comments!